Thursday, July 6, 2006


Tonight was one of those packing nights. I could have done little bits off it all week and just gotten the last bit done tonight. I understand some people work that way. Not me. I'm a crazy-last-minute-packing-fool. I don't pack well unless it involves washing each and every piece of clothing in the house, finding things like lost toothbrushes, and finding and washing car coolers. Seriously, isn't all this better when done finished at 3am? I'm honestly feeling a little let down. If you'll glance down to the timestamp, you'll see that I am relaxed enough to sit and blog at not quite 11pm. Clearly, I'm slipping up -- or I missed something BIG!

So, why the packing? Tomorrow, after I finish teaching at 12:30, I head off to pick up the kids from my in-laws. Then, we'll head over to Carson City, NV -- a mere 5-6 hour drive. Oh joy! There I will see my folks' new house and spend the night. The kids are staying with my folks for around 10 days. EEEEEEK! They'll be heading back to June Lake for that time.

They are going to the June Lake Summer Arts Program. Should be a blast! They'll get lots of camping and swimming and playing in too. I also shipped a gift up to them through the services of the good people at LLBean. Here's what I'm sending up:

Rash Guard Suits

How cute are they?

I'm going to miss them terribly but time alone will be replenishing as well as give me a chance to get caught up on my schoolwork. Yay!

So, to bed for me. Maybe I'll get caught up on sleep and not be sooooooo grumpy tomorrow. Maybe my young charges won't be so wiggly, talkative, disruptive, annoying, bored, unwilling as well. Yea. Right.

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