Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer is finally here!

Budding Naturalist
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Now that I'm finished teaching Summer School and we are getting back to normal around here, I feel like Summer has finally started.

Here is Ruthie drawing the scene out the window. She and I filled the feeders this morning. I put a small bowl of nuts and seeds on the table on the deck for the Steller's Jays -- took them about 2 minutes to check it out. Rosie is sleeping in the sun under the table, oblivious to the Jays. They are completely unconcerned with her. My budding naturalist is drawing up the scene. Beautiful.

Gage - Lego Master-in-TrainingIn another part of the house, the Lego Master-in-Training is working on some new space ships that are undoubtedly designed for fighting bad guys! Cool ships, Dude!

Greg the DrummerGreg is packing up his drums. He's recording with Metaphor [click] this weekend. We'll miss him but he's going to have so much fun!

Steller's JayI've researched an option to my normal suet recipe which does NOT work in the summer -- too drippy when its hot. I think Julie Zickefoose's Suet Dough will be just the thing! [click]

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