Sunday, July 9, 2006


Just got home from my in-law's. It turned out it was just us -- kind of fun to be the only ones with them. Relaxing! We played Canasta. It's a Miller Family tradition -- well, really it goes back to the Robechaud's. Greg's grandmother (who Ruthie is named for) was an amazing Canasta player. Jerryne is awesome too. Greg and I are good but very unlucky! Tonight, when we had to meld 50, I got two Jokers in my hand. Then, when I had to meld 120 . . . no wild cards, no pairs, awful. I couldn't have melded 50 then. Stunning. We cleaned up the first two hands and then they obliterated us. Happens everytime! And, yet, we still want to play more! Amazing. It's a game I enjoy. Actually, I usually enjoy card games. But other games . . . too competitive and therefore not fun for me. I'm famous for refusing to play games. But a good game of Canasta or Cribbage. Oh yea, that's fun!

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