Sunday, July 16, 2006

They're HOME!

Oh I missed them. They are home and it was so nice to see them. Ruthie came at me first -- huge hugs -- she clearly NEEDED her Mom and Dad. Not sad or anything just needed -- physically -- some loving from us. Very sweet. Gage was the opposite. Big hugs, a few quick stories and then he told me he hadn't played computer games for a week and could he go play a computer game. Ha!

Today, they climbed Lambert Dome in Yosemite. 2-1/2 miles and it involved bribing Gage to continue -- he got freaked by the heights. It worked though and Igor payed the $10 that Ruthie promised him and then another $15. :) That's a LOT closer to his Bearded Dragon. Anyway, they did great on the climb and only slept for about 15 minutes on the way home. Poor Igor. He called me from Oakdale asking where the OFF switch was. :)

But, oh my, waking up this morning cuddled up with Greg and having two munchkins sneak in and cuddle with us in bed. AWESOME!

Ruthie is 8 now. Gage is 6-1/2. They were gone 7 days. They are both about 1/2" taller (mountain air?). Welcome home munchkins!

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