Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Blank Canvas

The Blank Canvas
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Well, Robert the Rototiller Guy (see below) came out today. He did the entire backyard area for $40. I couldn't believe it. We were sure he'd up the price but he didn't. Fascinating guy. He arrived in an old Datsun truck that really made me wonder how long it would be in my driveway and what Robert was going to do about it if it wouldn't start again! Thankfully, that didn't happen. Anyway, he has a HUGE rototiller (see below) and made short work of the job. I'm amazed! He also scored an old Datsun bumper and taillight assembly off my neighbor! Win/win.

Now that I can see that gorgeous soil all ready to go, I'm ITCHING to get in there and plant, plant, plant. Unfortunately, the hardscape still needs some work. Sigh! Next step to cover all the soil so that the weeds don't start up again. Then we rent a trencher and make it so that the water moves away from our house in the winter. Then, paths. Lots and lots of paths. Then, lawn, beds, and decorative pieces. A fence of some sort for my rose garden. An arched arbor for the rose garden. A huge urn for Greg's new pomegranete tree. What else. Lots of wine barrels that I suppose I'll be staining red given the success of the red deck. You see, we have a circle theme going in the yard. Can't wait to see it take shape! Stay tuned!
Robert the Rototiller Guy Sorry for the blurry shot! He wouldn't stop moving and I was inside and couldn't use the flash! :)

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Susan Gets Native said...

I'm so jealous of that tiller! It reminds me of the one my Dad used to was like four feet wide.
Mine is about 12 inches across.
Enjoy all that planting!

-llm. said...

Oh, I know. It was crazy huge. He said he had like 8 of them or something. He collects them and works on them and uses them. Hey, he did a great job at a beyond great price so whatever works!

Planting has to wait awhile but I'm looking forward to it, for sure!

BEG said...

Wow, only $40 to rototiller it? Any sprinklers in there? I'm eyeing MY lawn...darned uneven thing that it is...

-llm. said...

Yup. Only $40. Couldn't believe it. No sprinklers yet but there will be. :) I don't think Robert the Rototiller Guy will go as far as your place though! :)