Saturday, July 22, 2006

Found Beauty and Made Beauty

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I seem to be having trouble taking pictures that aren't all blurry but still this is a gorgeous moth. That pale lime green color. Wow!

Off to Crafty Chix [click] today. We're dying wool with Kool-Aid today. Should be a blast. I also want to dye some other kinds of wool (like old sweaters that I can felt and make things out of ) but I haven't hit the thrift store. It took too long to run my errands and so I was too tired to do it yesterday. That and too hot. It was 103 at my house yesterday.

Celebrating my sister, Jody's birthday [click] today at Crafty Chix. I think it hurt her feelings that Mom wasn't there. Ruthie and I picked out some lovely beads for her and I got her a funny card.

Next weekend the girl runs a marathon [click] for the first time ever! She's amazing!

Hopefully I'll have some wooly photos later to share -- our made beauty. Crafty Chix is SUCH fun.

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