Friday, July 21, 2006


YIPPEE! Summer school is OVER! Pardon my extreme use of ! and CAPITAL LETTERS but, yes, I am just that excited!

Last night, as if to celebrate my freedom, we went to a baseball game. This is a weird thing for us as we are NOT baseball fans. In fact, we find the sport to be dull in the extreme. But ATT Park (Formerly SBC Park, formerly PacBell Park) in San Francisco is a blast. A company that Greg does a lot of work for arranges this event every year. They do a big bbq at the project and then we all head up to the city and watch the ballgame. It's fun. Kids everywhere. Good times. And, the Giants did great last night with 3 homeruns during the game. Greg got the kids Giant caps and it was all wonderful. Our poor children know NOTHING about baseball. They'd keep looking at the batter and saying, "Oh, he's in black so we're not cheering for him, right?" :) Too cute! Of course, I forgot the camera though so no pics. And, no, never even occurred to me that I had Greg's phone with a CAMERA built-in to it. Sigh.

So, anyway, I'm free.

Free to totally obsess about Monday's job interview.



Jane said...

How funny! We did exactally the same thing. It was Boeing day at the aquasox (our minor league team). We don't usually do the baseball thing either but there was bbq and all sorts of free stuff. We took our Godsons. It was a fun night.

-llm. said...

I love coincidence! :)