Saturday, July 15, 2006

Early Homecoming Likely

Well, a little catch up. Thursday, I kind of played hookey from life in the evening. Greg had to go to a meeting with a client and then had band practice. I needed an escape and he willingly provided it. We went over the hill together and he dropped me at IKEA in East Palo Alto and went on to his meeting. IKEA on a weekday is a revelation. Quiet, peaceful, productive. It was amazing. I bought a few things including a coffee pot for the 5th Wheel (one of those cool push the grinds down to the bottom ones) so I can make poor man mochas when we're camping and not be Le Grand Bitch when I don't get my coffee. They also had a really cute red plastic bar set which I got for the 5th Wheel for making martinis. YUM! Last camping trip I made do with two plastic cups but it just didn't feel the same at all. Then I walked over to Office Depot and got new color cartridges for the printer. I also walked to Home Depot and got landscape fabric and some new pruners! Wheee! Greg picked me up there and then we went to Kohl's. This is my new favorite store. I got a cute new pair of black leather sandals. Yay! Greg got a pair of boots that he needs for general use but also for going up to the Oregon property (big project of his for work) and hiking around the brambles. And, we looked at the great deal they had on luggage. I got three suitcases (two wheeled ones and a carryon bag) in HOT PINK for $40. We checked them all out, got ones with good wheels, and Greg was impressed at the price. So now my old blue one goes to Greg to replace the black one that died and I have luggage too. Ruthie will probably use the smaller pink one and Gage has his little Elmo one which will do for a year or so. Then we'll get him a small one from Lillian Vernon or something. I'm tired of making do when we all go somewhere as a family.

So, anyway, the upshot of all that was that we didn't call the kids. Because when we were done with Metaphor [click] practice, it was too late.

Last night, we were having DATE NIGHT AT HOME. This involved drinking martinis, eating yummy steak, artichokes, and baked potatoes while watching first Pirates movie so we can go see the 2nd one. Before we got started with the drinking part, we called the kids. Well, my mom answered and right away told me that there was a problem. Ruthie is DONE. 10 days is too long and she wants to come home. Gage, on the other hand, was promised 10 days and he wants his damn 10 days, thank you very much! So, conflict. Greg and I immediately feel our blood pressure go through the roof and I can feel him planning how long it will take us to get up there. But, Mom and Igor have a plan worked out -- they are going to take the kids to Lambert Dome in Yosemite to climb and then they'll check in. If Ruth still wants to come home, Igor will drive them home from there. If she's fine, then they'll come back on Tuesday as planned. Soooooooo, that's the scoop.

We're anticipating a call around 1pm letting us know how it played out but I'm 99% sure that we'll have kids home tonight. I'm glad and sad. And, to be honest, surprised. We figured Gage would have the hardest time with the extended seperation but he's having a blast up there and doesn't want it to end. Ruthie is Miss Gung-Ho but she needs her folks and the sameness of her life for stability. It's really interesting insight into our children. Gage has been promised another visit in August by himself if Ruthie doesn't want to come. I don't know how we'll work that out but we'll manage.

Today, Greg and I are moving dog runs and fences and one of our sheds. Then we'll powerwash the deck in preparation for staining it tomorrow. I'm very excited. We picked out really cool colors and it will help to show off the landscaping design that we've worked out with lots of circles in it. We're doing a partial circle of RED and the rest of the deck in GRAY . Should be gorgeous. Fingers crossed! We did a big trip out to research some prices on stuff for the backyard yesterday and figured out a lot of stuff too. We are going to do the paths in decomposed granite. We have to decide between gray granite and the gold granite. We've also decided that instead of a play structure for the kids, we're going to do a trampoline. We think the kids will use it more AND it matches the design better. :)

So, lots going on. For now, I'm going to go get started clearing out Rosie's dog run so we can dismantle it! Wheeeee!

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