Thursday, July 13, 2006

Job Interview

Well, I got the phone call finally and I'll be interviewing for the job that I want. The interview is set for Monday, July 24. AHHHHHH! How will I stand waiting that long? I'm not sure how I'll make it. So stressed and worried about it now. All good thoughts appreciated!

And, in hind sight, I should have realized it would be that day because we have big plans that day. We're going to Great America and renting a Cabana by Boomarang Bay. Greg is SO excited about this and now we'll at least have to be late getting there. I may have to send him and the kids over early and then I can come over later. We'll see.

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Susan Gets Native said...

I was just looking around for any blogs that link to mine and I found yours!
Where on Earth did you find me?
Thanks for the link!
(And good luck with the interview)